Noel dans Sycamore Class

December 18th, 2017

Today in French, Mrs FitzGerald brought in a French traditional cake to share with us.In England, we call it a Yule Log or Chocolate Log but in France, it is called La Buche deĀ  Noel.

La buche de Noel c’est tres bien! – Henry

Cest delicieux! – Evan

C’est bonne! – Amelia

La buche de Noel c’est delicieux! – Zara

La buche de Noel c’est magnifique! – Majed

We also had a go at singing Jingle Bells in French. We were interested to see that the words are totally different to the English version.


RE – The Qu’ran

November 20th, 2017

Today, Asma – Majed’s mum – came into Sycamore Class to answer our questions about the Qu’ran. She showed us a PowerPoint presentation that she had prepared which taught us lots of new things. We were able to spot many similarities with the Christian faith.

The final photograph shows a boy ‘reading’ from the Qu’ran. We all thought that the clip was amazing and that he had a very beautiful voice.

It was wonderful to have an expert in school to answer our questions and we are all very grateful to Asma for coming. Thank you Asma!

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