Roman Numerals – Codebreaker

January 15th, 2018

In Maths we have been extending our knowledge of Roman Numerals up to 1,000.

After an introductory lesson we then had a really fun lesson applying our knowledge to solve a Roman crime!

Some golden plates belonging to a Roman woman called Agrippa had been stolen.

The prime suspects were: Nero, Felicia and Julius.

We worked in groups to solve the crime by translating Roman Numerals into numbers and then using the code to find the matching letter.

After cracking all the clues we found out that the thief was …


Groovy Greeks

September 7th, 2017

We were posed a problem to find out what our new topic was.

We had to decipher a message written in a different language, which turned out to be Greek.

We recognised familiar letters and decoded it without too much trouble, it said:

Our new topic is Ancient Greece.

We then wrote our names in Greek.

We thought about what we wanted to find out about Ancient Greece and wrote questions.

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