The Mysterious Maya

January 15th, 2018

We really enjoyed our first topic lesson.

We had a chocolate tasting session  – blindfold!

The chocolate had an unusual taste. It was orange flavour with spices. We then had to use the internet to research which past civilisation used chocolate. After exploring the Aztecs and others we discovered that the Maya also used chocolate. We found out some quick facts about the Maya and then made notes.

Our second lesson involved finding out where in the world the Maya lived. We used Google Earth to locate central America and fill in maps showing the modern day countries that the Maya would have lived in. We then found out the location of many of the Maya cities and added them to our maps. We discovered that the Maya had city states not unlike the Ancient Greeks that we studied in the Autumn term.

Our next session will involve discovering how we know about the Maya by looking at evidence.

Museum Curator Visit

November 14th, 2017

On Friday, we had a visit from Peter Donnelly from the King’s Own Regimental museum in Lancaster. He accompanied us to church for our Armistice Day commemoration in the morning and then came into class  with us. He talked about his job and gave us some fascinating information about WW1. He also answered questions and looked at the medals, photos etc that the children had brought in for our family history homework.

Thank you Peter, it is always great to see you!

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