Class Worship – Christingles

December 5th, 2017

Today our classroom was filled with the wonderful scent of oranges as we were making Christingles for our Church Services on Wednesday and Thursday night. We talked about the significance of each part of the Christingle.

We sang along with the songs we will be singing.

We can’t wait until we can take them home to eat!

Christian Values – Hope

November 22nd, 2017

Our new worship theme is :


In class worship we watched a clip of the song ‘ My Favourite Things’ from The Sound of Music.

In the clip the children were frightened of a thunderstorm and Maria their Nanny encouraged them to think about their favourite things as a way to stop being frightened and be able to cope with the storm. We shared what our 3 favourite things are. We then thought about a favourite wish for the world. We linked this to the value of HOPE by thinking about how HOPE for the future through God helps us to be closer to Him.

Class Worship- God’s love is just and generous

September 28th, 2017

In class worship this week we played Bingo, which is always lots of fun. It was no surprise to us that our resident class Bingo champion won- again!

However…we played on until everyone had got Bingo. Everyone, even the last ones to finish , all got a team point.

We discussed whether this was fair or not, then linked it back to our whole school worship story of the workers in the vineyard.

We talked about how God’ s love is just and generous, that we have no need to be envious of others as God loves us all equally.

Class Worship – Justice-Listening to both sides

September 20th, 2017

In class worship this week we created a courtroom situation. We decided to discuss whether children should have to go to school or not. We had two children to represent each side of the argument and the rest of the class were the jury. In the end the class voted FOR going to school.

We linked this into our worship theme of Justice through the idea that to be just and make just decisions we need to see both sides and have all the information.

Aim for Justice

September 14th, 2017

Our class worship this week was to choose an element of our worship theme –  justice –  to focus on for the coming week. We all had an arrow which we named and coloured in. We then attached it to a  dartboard that had a ring for every letter of justice – each one representing the separate themes.Next week we will share how we got on putting justice into action.


September 7th, 2017

We look forward to seeing you all at 2pm on Friday for the Communion service – we can’t wait to share our presentation with you!

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